What to Watch Out for in Free Web Hosting

Last Updated: Jan - 28 - 2020

What to Watch Out for in Free Web Hosting.


There are many free web hosting companies on the net. Most webmasters started out using now-retired services like Geocities or Angelfire to build free webpages for themselves just for fun. Although those services are long gone, free web hosting does exist even to this day. Most of the companies providing free hosting actually draw income from advertisements placed on customer pages.

While free hosting is an option for casual personal websites made during leisure time, any remotely serious webmaster should be aware of the limitations of most free hosting services.



Advertising Overload

Some free web hosts place tasteful, unobtrusive ads on hosted webpages. This is tolerable in many situations. But free hosts often overload webpages with flashing, low-brow advertisements that will quickly wear on the patience of webmasters and site visitors alike.

Some free web hosts make use of pop-ups which usually prompt visitors to immediately leave a site. People searching for free web hosting should check out some sites hosted on the prospective company’s servers to make sure advertising isn’t too excessive for their needs.


Storage Space

If you plan to operate a very small website, free web hosting may be suitable for your needs. If you plan to host multimedia or large files, flash animations, or other storage-heavy objects, you may want to look into a paid web hosting solution.

Limits may also be placed upon the number of instances an object can access simultaneously using free hosting, thereby compromising the user experience.



If you plan to build a website that will mainly be visited by your friends and family, bandwidth is not an issue. Free web hosts typically offer a low amount of bandwidth, meaning that once a certain amount of data has been transferred, the site will cease to function until the next month.

This can be very frustrating for anyone operating a busy website with daily visitors. Since free hosts typically limit monthly bandwidth to less than 4GB total, paid options offering unlimited bandwidth become a better choice.


Tech Support

Finally, most free web hosts offer little or no technical support. This is obviously the case because of the costs involved in staffing a customer support department. Paid hosting is a better option here again due to the fact that most paid services offer free, 24/7 customer support to subscribers.


Final Thoughts

Free hosting is right for novices and ultra-simple websites. But paid hosting is really the only choice for anyone who is serious about their website. In short, when it comes to hosting, you get what you pay for.


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