What are the Basic Features Look for in a Website Builder Service

Last Updated: Jan - 28 - 2020

What are the Basic Features Look for in a Website Builder Service.


Everyone needs a website, and building a website can be an easy task. However, not all website building services are the same. Websites need several requirements to be met in order to maintain functionality at all times. The basic features to compare when choosing a website building service are templates, drag & drop editor, technical features, and customer support.




Templates are pre designed structures and website designs that allows you to save time and money and simply insert the content you want inside it. In the past, every site required to build and design a new template in order to arrange and display the content. But today, website building tools offers templates that are designed to any kind of site- from blogging,shopping or business websites.


Drag & Drop editor:

Drag & Drop editor is a features currently offered by only several website building tools.This feature open the world of website building to people with no previous knowledge in coding and computer programming. Not until a while ago, any website construction needed an extensive knowledge in HTML or other coding languages. Today, using the Drag & Drop editor, you can simple choose the features you want and place them inside your site.

It is important to choose a website building service that offers simple and friendly tools like the Drag & Drop editor.


Customer support:

Although most of the website building tools are friendly and easy to use, you should always pay attention to the customer support offered by the service when looking for a website building tool. Some companies offers 24/7 live support with the possibility to choose between phones, chat or email service.

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