The Truth About Free no AD Web Hosting

Last Updated: Jan - 28 - 2020

The Truth About Free no AD Web Hosting.


We have all seen websites littered with advertising all over the page. These ads are often distracting and obtrusive. The most annoying type of ad is the kind that disguises itself as “content.” Users often click on the apparent “content” and are redirected away from the webpage they actually came to see in the first place. Ads like those mentioned above are not only irritating to webpage visitors, but provide a serious disruption to the message being delivered on the site.

The truth is that many of these ads are put in place by the web hosting company in an effort to offset expenses. Many bargain-priced web hosting services place ads on client websites to lower the subscription price, as well. Pricing and ad-saturation varies greatly between providers, but most respectable hosts strive to forge an appropriate balance between advertising space and uncluttered content.

An alternative to ad-based web hosting is free no ad web hosting. Many webmasters are interested in no ad web hosting because webpage visitors prefer the ad-free experience. No ad web hosting does offer an unobstructed webpage that is clean and easy to read, but no ad web hosts often struggle without advertising revenue.



Compare and Contrast

Web hosts that place ads on served webpages frequently have higher bandwidth and more storage space than no ad service providers. If you are shopping for web hosting, you may enjoy the benefits of choosing an ad-based web hosting service. If your website receives heavy traffic or features large-size content, you may be better served by this type of hosting. In the event that you have a simple, text-centric website that doesn’t incur heavy traffic or incorporate large files, free no ad hosting may be a viable option.

Free no ad web hosting will usually become problematic as a website grows, so while it may work for a site that is just starting out, the site will rapidly outgrow the limitations of the hosting provider


Final Thoughts

Of course, the ideal solution is to pay for premium web hosting with ad-free, unlimited bandwidth. For those webmasters needing a low-cost hosting option with high bandwidth and ample storage, ad-based hosting is the obvious answer.

Free no ad web hosting is the last-resort option for websites with low technological demands. Anyone else will be better served by a web hosting company that brings in revenue. After all, it takes income to make the World Wide Web go round.


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