Learning from Others to Create Strong Domain Names

Last Updated: Jan - 28 - 2020

Learning from Others to Create Strong Domain Names.


A little forethought will go a long way when it comes to choosing a domain name. Since virtually every niche has its superstar websites, you can borrow notes from existing websites related to your chosen field or audience. A strong domain name is important because it helps keep your website on the peripheral of potential visitors.

A good domain name can also favorably aid in SEO efforts, helping your page to rank higher in search results. Since choosing a domain name that addresses both a human audience and search engine algorithms can be challenging, you can get ahead of the game by looking at the methods of those who have gone before.



Keyword Optimization

While the simplest form of your site’s keyword phrase may be long-taken by another owner, you can look at the foremost site in your given niche to find out what keywords draw users in. One website made its way into the first page of Google search results time after time when searching for various terms related to automotive brakes. By trying out different search terms, it became apparent that keyword phrases for the well-optimized site included “brake pads,” “ceramic brake pads,” “carbon fiber brake rotors,” and other similar terms.

While you cannot take the name of that particularly well-thought website, you can borrow its keywords. Since the site landed higher in the first-page results with the term “brake pads,” an automotive brake website might succeed in borrowing that term for part of its domain name. Assuming that phrase is correctly used in the website’s content pages, choosing a domain name containing a keyword phrase would be a wise decision.


Other Approaches

There is no prescription for a perfect domain name. Choosing the one that works for your website comes down to personal preference, availability, and memorability. If a prospective name is lacking in any of those areas it should probably be reconsidered. Sometimes, the right name happens by inspiration alone, other times it is not so easy to settle on a name. Some names are obvious. In the example of a brick-and-mortar print shop called Wright Printing, the best domain name is simply “wrightprinting.com” if available.

In all cases, the best domain name is the most memorable, and choosing one that reflects the name of your business is always a good option.


The Bottom Line

A good domain name is essential for any website. Applying keyword research is the best technological approach, while simple creativity still has its place in the process of choosing the right domain name.

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