E-commerce: What Is It, and What Does It Mean for Your Website?

Last Updated: Jan - 28 - 2020

E-commerce: What Is It, and What Does It Mean for Your Website?


The term E-commerce refers to online means of selling goods and processing payments for them. Essentially, E-commerce works by transmitting data over the internet in a secure fashion,

allowing different websites to offer a great shopping experience for its customers while maintaining their safety. For example, sites that utilize e-commerce features include auction sites such as eBay, online shopping such as Amazon and Alibaba, and many more.


Is E-commerce for Me?

E-commerce offers exceptional advantages over traditional brick-and-mortar stores. They allow you to reach an astoundingly large audience by overcoming distance and borders, giving you a chance to sell your goods or services to anyone in the world.

In fact, many new businesses forego the concept of a traditional store due to its high cost: rent, employees and so on. Instead, opening up an online store with full e-commerce features will allow you to it all in a fraction of the cost and time while reaching a gigantic new audience of potential shoppers, something that’s impossible with a traditional brick-and-mortar store.

If you want to create an online presence for your business or set up an online business where you sell products on your website, e-commerce is definitely for you. More importantly, if you are getting started, or are in the processing of building your website and you need e-commerce features, you should carefully compare the different website-building services based on their e-commerce offerings (See our review section to compare).

It’s important to also consider what you require of your potential clients in order to get a sale. If you had a physical store, your client would have to travel all the way to you, thus limiting your potential client base and adding additional costs to the buyer. With an online store, you can save your clients the trouble of coming all the way to you and instead get a great shopping experience hassle-free.

However, the greatest advantage is that an online store makes you more competitive. Without the ridiculous funds needed to open a physical store and pay countless employee salaries, you may be able to offer more lucrative deals to your customers, giving you a chance to expand your business greatly by being more competitive. And let’s not forget that being more competitive is far easier with an online store – you’re always just a search away from finding out what your competitors are doing.


Making the Right Choice

The ability to implement e-commerce features in your websites varies greatly between different website-building services. Before choosing your website builder, carefully consider their offerings. For more information and our brutally-honest opinions on some of today’s leading website builders, visit our review section.


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