Anywhere Access: Web Hosting for Mobile Devices

Last Updated: Jan - 28 - 2020

Anywhere Access: Web Hosting for Mobile Devices.


Everywhere you look, you see people carrying smartphones and tablets. You probably have one or both of those items yourself. If that is the case, you are probably keenly aware of the inherent problem with trying to access a full-size webpage from a small-screen device. The number of Android and iOS devices in the hands of consumers is rapidly increasing, and the wise webmaster wants to make sure that the pages they create will reach the mobile-computing masses.



The Challenges of the Small Screen

Mobile computing places an increased demand a web hosting services. Some web hosts have yet to implement strategies to deal with mobile computing, making it hard for webmasters to provide a version of their website that will actually look right on smartphones and tablets. The big problem with mobile websites is that the implementation of pages formatted for small screens requires the server to recognize the accessing device’s browser and then redirect the URL entered to a separate mobile URL. This would be the reason why you may have seen the .mobi extension, a common feature that denotes a mobile-ready webpage.

Many web hosting companies are fluidly implementing strategies to facilitate mobile device detection, though some providers are lagging behind. Even if the server does support mobile device detection, webmasters should note that the burden of actually designing the mobile version of a webpage is still on them. Servers will not automatically create mobile pages derived from regular webpages.


Email on the Go

Another use for mobile devices is email. Web hosting service providers are frequently found to offer mobile email tools. These tools reformat normal email to reduce the number of characters used and scale-down embedded images in messages. Those actions are helpful because of the resulting reduction in bandwidth, which is often rationed-out in small amount to mobile devices.

Thankfully, many web hosting providers have caught on. A quick look at the list of features for most of the popular web hosting services will reveal that mobile email is broadly supported.


Final Thoughts

The ability to reach mobile devices is crucial in the emergent marketplace. End-users have created a clear-stated demand for mobile webpages. As such, the best web hosting services are the ones embracing consumer demand. When choosing a web hosting provider you will want to make sure the prospective provider has the tools in place to allow you to bring your webpages to the widest audience possible.

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